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    About Us   


Based in Apopka FL, Kiddo's Kargo is a privately owned company providing safe, reliable, and affordable transportation services for students in the Apopka area. Our objective is to safely transport students to and from school and/or after-school activities every day. Kiddo's Kargo is determined to provide families in our community professional and affordable service. 

Schools are reopening the in fall and Kiddo's Kargo is committed to protecting our employees and clients. The Covid-19 virus is still here and we want everyone protected and practicing safety procedures. All riders will be required to wear a mask and have their hands sanitized when entering our vans. All vans will be wiped down daily and in between routes. Stay safe and protected.


Our Mission

We are committed to providing safe, timely, efficient, and courteous bus transportation services to students.



Our main goal is always the safety of the students please be assured that we are equipped with the following:


  • Fully Licensed and Insured

  • Criminal/Driving Backgrounds/Drug Screen conducted on all employees

  • (3) 15 passenger vans

  • Vehicles meet all requirements mandated under Federal Law to transport children

  • Regular maintenance of the vehicle


Benefits for YOU

  • Gives you time to relax

  • Allows you more time in the morning and afternoon to get to work

  • Eliminates the stress and headache of sitting in school traffic

  • Gives you time to go to the gym 

  • Gives you time to prepare dinner

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